2012. január 24., kedd

March of the Penguins

The original titel is:La marche de l'empereur.
"This is a French nature documentary film. The film depicts the yearly journey of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. In autumn, all the penguins of breeding age (five years old and over) leave the ocean, their normal habitat, to walk inland to their ancestral breeding grounds. There, the penguins participate in a courtship that, if successful, results in the hatching of a chick. For the chick to survive, both parents must make multiple arduous journeys between the ocean and the breeding grounds over the ensuing months." (wikipedia)

I saw this film on media class a couple of years ago in the high school. I love the soundtrack and the movie too.

This is the trailer:

This is myfavourite song: It's so beautiful *-*

I like this song too:

2012. január 15., vasárnap

7554 days

I was born on Saturday, and since that day 7554 days have passed.

2012. január 12., csütörtök

100 Years/ Style

One of my friend posted this on Facebook. It's really good. I like it. =)

2012. január 1., vasárnap

Happy New Year!

First of all I want to wish a very happy new year to everyone who read this. I hope this year will be wonderful.

The party was quite good yesterday. I didn't drink too much. :D I just drank some whiskey with coke, Martini (as you can see it in the picture) and champagne. ;) We danced a lot and at the end my feet hurt. :D But it was fun! :D