2012. március 20., kedd


I bought some things on last week.

Nail stickers. It's really easy to use them and they're nice.

I was at a DM on Friday. I bought a shower gel, a Balea corrector and a BB cream. :)

(sorry for the bad quality of the pictures)

Cocktail with the girls

Last Tuesday we went to a club and drank some cocktail and talked. :)



Here I am...

I didn't write on last week, but I have some picture so I write 3 posts today. :)
I had a test today morning. It wasn't too hard. I hope I get a lot of points. :D

I got this rose from my dad for Women's day. :)

These are my nails. I made the french manicure last week and the red ones on Saturday.

I got this mignon from my mom. ^^

2012. március 11., vasárnap

Kimi Räikkönen - Top Gear

First of all you should know that I love this man! ♥
It was totally worth waiting for this. Everyone says that he doesn't smile and some kind of things, but this isn't true. Just watch this interview! I love every second of it. ^^

There are some part of it:

2:43 -The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?
- It protects my head.

3:44 -Given up drinking?
- Not.

5:08 - Did the Ferrari let you do snowmobile racing?
- I didn't really ask...

5:43 - Did you break it? (his arm)
- Little bit.

6:21 - It was a nice helicopter on the left... (This is my favoutire :D)

6:46 - Ooops.

It's really worth watching. I loved it. ^^
The Iceman returned.
Australian Grand Prix on next weekend! :)

2012. március 1., csütörtök


Biscuits, coffee, pudding, whipped cream.
Fast and very tasty! :)