2012. május 29., kedd

NOTD - Blue

I wanted to try the other nail polish I got from my sister but I didn't want to paint all my nails this dark blue, so I just used it on my ring fingers. :)

Nail polishes:
  • Lora - 900
  • H&M - Light Blue
  • Miss Sporty - top coat

2012. május 27., vasárnap

Pumuckl (Pumukli)

Pumuckl is a little cobold who live with a master carpenter.When I was little I watched this series a lot. I loved it and I love it now too. Today I found some episode on Youtube and watched one of them. It's soooo cute.  :)

2012. május 25., péntek

NOTD and stuffs

I tried one of the nail polish that I got from my sister. It's a kind of purple. 

I got this lip gloss and eye shadow from my mom. They were in a magazine.

2012. május 20., vasárnap

NOTD - Where is the party?

I got this Essence nail polish from my friends for my birthday. I really like it. I think this colour is special, at least for me. :)

Pictures & Birthday

I got this fridge magnet from my mom. This is the meaning of my name and some things about the person who wore this name. :)

I bought the new Cosmo, as I do in every month. Oh and a chocolate. :D

On Wednesday me and the girls were at a club and celebrated birthdays and drank cocktails. :) This was mine: mojito :)

I got these things for my birthday from my sister. :)

I got a bottle of champagne and a nail polish from the girls. :)

2012. május 12., szombat

Shower gel and shampoo

I bought this shampoo and shower gel today.

Dove Color Care shampoo: I haven't used it yet so I'm curious. 

Balea Young "Zucker Schnute: I love the smell of it! ♥ It smells like lemon and vanilla. I love the wrapping of it too. :)

2012. május 11., péntek

21. Birthday

Today is my birthday. I'm 21 years old now. I got this "cake" from my flatmate. :) :) :)